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M & M Tips

Should you need us to come out to you in an emergency call 0800 955 8343 and follow the steps below.

In Emergencies...

Always know where your stop tap and stop cock is, regular checks will make sure it will isolate the water supply in an emergency.

In an emergency you can turn of the main stop cock usually located outside of the property, take off the cover and insert the stop cock key and turn it clockwise to cut off the supply.

If your tap is connected to the mains you can simply cut off the supply by turning off the stop tap (usually located under the kitchen sink) then open a tap until the water flow has stopped.

If your hot and cold taps are tank fed there should be either a gate valve or mini stop tap to turn off the supply usually located along side the water tank.

Next time your in the loft check any tanks up there make sure they are well insulated and have a secure lid attached, check that there is no debris in the tank (dead birds etc) ensure pipe work in exposed areas is insulated to prevent freezing.

If you have a combination boiler know where to check the pressure and what it should be when the system is cold (most boilers are between 1-1.5 bar) know how to re-pressurise the system if it does drop. Has your heating system had chemical inhibiter added? this will prolong the life and the efficiency of the system.

After the summer months you may find that some of the thermostatic radiator valves where fitted are not working when the heating is on, this can be caused by the pin sticking within the valve, unscrew the valve head and try gently lifting the pin with a pair of pliers, which should release it to allow the radiator to get hot. if the radiator is cold at the top and warm at the bottom this is a sign that air is trapped. This can be removed by bleeding/venting the radiator using an air release key, vent until water comes out. Make sure you check and re-pressurise the system afterwards.